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Massage Vinotherapy & Magic Candle, Wild Mandarin (Round Shape)
by Vinsunto Vinotherapy Oils and Candles All-in-one

Product Description
The VinSunto products are manufactured in California, USA, and it is actually HIGH QUALITY Vinotherapy Skin Moisturizer, and Vinotherapy Massage Oil that is made into a candle. The product possesses all the ingredients and features of high quality Aromatherapy Candle. The warm Vinotherapy Skin Moisturizer & Massage Oil made of High Quality, cosmetic grade Ingredients of Vinotherapy Skin Care Natural Oils. The innovative technology deployed in the production of these products is designed so that the Vinotherapy Oils are melting at 3-4 degrees Celsius above body temperature, which makes it possible to apply the warm Vinotherapy skin Moisturizer & Massage Oil directly on the body, and enjoy warm high quality skin Moisturizer & Massage oil. The uniqueness of VinSunto Vinotherapy is that it can be used as professional SPA product for body treatments, as well as Vinotherapy massage oil that can be used by individuals or couple for sensual warm massage, and Aromatherapy candle, ALL IN ONE.

ELISEL Sex Toys (3) Pens Long Candles Adult Low Temperature Drip Candles

Product Description
D100%brand new and high quality.
High tilt of the glens can effectively stimulate the female G-spot.
Enrich your sex life.
Color Random Shipping.


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