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The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra (Hardcover)
by Lance Dane (Editor)

The erotic Hindu love classic the Kama Sutra constitutes the most famous work on sex ever created. Written almost 2,000 years ago, the Kama Sutra deals with all aspects of sexual life, including the principles and techniques of sexual pleasure and how to best achieve ecstatic expression of life's beauty.

A fully illustrated Kama Sutra is the first complete translation to illustrate sexual postures with 269 illustrations and great works of art gathered from museums and private collections around the world. Rare images clearly illustrate all 64 sexual positions and the erotic instructions set forth in the Kama Sutra. The result is a dazzling and sensuous reading experience through which the teachings of the Kama Sutra spring to life.



Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-first Century (Paperback)
by Barbara Carrellas (Author)

Sex educator Carrellas is on a mission to bring Tantra - the ancient practice of sacred sex, in which interpersonal connection and transformational ecstasy are the norm, to the modern world, to reclaim sex from "messed-up, sexually-dysfunctional, judgmental, and ignorant culture," and to shift the urban sex paradigm from recreational activity to a sumptuous, impassioned way of life.

The book examines the power of Tantra to achieve a number of effects, from back pain relief, to a happier office, to world peace; however far you'd like to take your sex life, this friendly guide will likely show the way.


The Art of Seduction (Paperback)
by Robert Greene (Author)

Touted as a "handbook on the most subtle and effective form of power" and "an indispensable primer on how to take what you want from whomever you want," this book is gross exploration of social power in the realm of sexual politics. The author gives us tour de force on mysterious process of seduction. He describes nine basic types of seducers, and each one is illustrated by marvelous examples from history and popular culture.

The text itself is a play on seduction. Green uses the two most seductive and sought after aspects of our existence to reel us into his tutorial: sex and power. Do you want to unknowingly be seduced or be the seducer? The answer, of course, is evident. Green knows this and uses this strategy by proposing that he can give us an edge, supplying the means to attain our every desire.


The Art of Sexual Ecstasy: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers (Paperback)
by Margot Anand (Author)

This book can solve a lot of problems. Couples with failing relationships typically communicate little, have few common activities, and have poor or no sex. Learning Tantra is a fun activity that teaches couples to communicate and trust. Furthermore, Tantra gives couples a common activity that makes them feel special. They develop intimacy that their friends do not have.

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy describes Tantric sexual techniques and positions that individuals and couples can experience and enjoy, suggestions to accommodate different body shapes, weight, safe sex and other comfort concerns for new partners and for long-term partners, a sensitive and sensible approach. The book is beautifully and elegantly written that you never have that embarrassed feeling when sharing it because it reads nearly like poetry. The illustrations are lovely and tasteful, and the spiritual aspects are insightful and rich.


The Fine Art Of Erotic Talk: How To Entice, Excite, And Enchant Your Lover With Words (Paperback)
by Bonnie Gabriel (Author)

Words can be some of the most intimate gift that lovers share. This guide to their sensual power invites us to explore the erotic potential in verbal communication, as sexuality counselor and seminar leader Bonnie Gabriel shows how words can arouse desire, reveal and fulfill fantasies, and infuse lovemaking with romance and fire.

Based on Gabriel's popular workshops, this frankly provocative and warmly encouraging book is designed for both singles and couples: to help singles navigate the seas of attraction, budding intimacy, and safe sex; and to inspire couples to charge longtime romances with new creative expressions of love. And for those who feel too shy or fearful to express passions and yearnings, Gabriel offers guidance, support, and inspiration to help them give full voice to their desires.


Fabulous Foreplay (Paperback)
by Pam Spurr (Author)

Here is a book that no couple can afford to be without. An award-winning broadcaster and best selling author, Dr. Pam here presents a vast range of techniques, tricks and tips to turn your lover on.

Packed full of sex techniques from the easily 'do-able' to the more exotic and sophisticated, this book will be equally helpful to singles looking for love and couples in established relationships - enhancing and bringing a new dimension to their sex and love lives.

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